Dan painting in the Ile de ReWhen I paint, I work in the open air to capture the building or landscape in front of me in one sitting. A bit like the travelling artists of the Grand Tour or the painters in the tradition of Plein-Air, I like to absorb the atmosphere of the place in that moment, sometimes adding personal notes or memories of the experience and location. I grew up on a farm in Tuscany, attending Art school in Florence. I then studied architecture at Cambridge, before going on to become a Rome Scholar at The British School of Rome. My love of history, buildings, landscapes and culture are central to how I look at spaces and paint them. My work has been exhibited in London, Rome, Naples and Florence and is in collections in Europe, Australia and the US.

You can see my work below or sub-divided by my main areas:
Tuscany, which is where I grew up, Provence which I love visting with my family and London, where I now live. Other include the Ile de Re, Southern Italy and Hertfordshire.

Many paintings are for sale, though, if you see a red dot, it means they have been sold. I have some excellent quality Giclee prints of my paintings for sale, as well as packs of postcards - you can see the details on each painting.

I'm currently working on a series of paintings of interesting churches and buildings in Hertfordshire.

City of London
Sketching the City of London school while sitting on a traffic island near Blackfriars bridge in London